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An Interactive Tobacco Education Curriculum.

An Interactive Tobacco
Education Curriculum

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An Interactive Tobacco Education Curriculum

Now with 12 anti-tobacco advocacy activities, your students can turn the tables on the tobacco industry.

Tobacco and young women, athletes, the environment. There were lots of hot topics we just couldn’t cover in the original Interactive Tobacco Education Curriculum. Now, in response to requests from educators like you, we’ve added six new lessons that help organize activities on tobacco use prevention around student advocacy projects.

A total of 12 lessons guide middle and high school students in finding the latest anti-tobacco information and resources. Then students apply this information in a variety of effective, motivational activities. Write a public service announcement that discourages other teens from smoking. Create a photo essay about the dangers of chew, dip, or cigars. Organize a neighborhood cleanup campaign to highlight the environmental impact of cigarettes. You’ll find projects of varying complexity with one thing in common—they’re driven by student interest and involvement.

Review the topic areas. Choose an advocacy activity. Then get inspired, have fun, and let your students’ anti-tobacco messages be heard today!

  • Meets specified National Health Education Standards.
  • Clear lesson objectives, content background, and preparation.
  • Lessons focus on skills training and application.
  • Meaningful, age-appropriate use of Internet technology for middle and high school students.
  • Easy to integrate into English, journalism, computer, art, science, or social studies classes.
  • Creative, student-driven activities motivate youth.

Tobacco Topic

Advocacy Activity

Choosing Not to Start

Public Service Announcement

Exposure to Secondhand Smoke


Youth Access and Possession

Editorial Print

Chew, Dip, and Cigars

News Release

Advertising and Promotion

Art/Cartoon/Photo Essay

Addiction and Quitting



Petition Drive

Tobacco and Young Women

Letter-writing Campaign

International Issues

Jeopardy Game

Tobacco and the Environment

Neighborhood Cleanup

Tobacco and Athletes


Tobacco and Marijuana

Personal Resolution

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This page was last updated on January 25, 2018.

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