Pandemic Preparedness Awareness Course CA-036-RESP

Pandemic Preparedness Awareness Course CA-036-RESP

First responders, including law enforcement, EMS providers, public health and safety workers, utility workers, continuity planners, and others, to prepare for pandemic influenza

Now with Fall 2009 H1N1 (swine flu) materials.

One-day Course

The one-day course is a thorough and informative awareness-level training on pandemic influenza, delivered in three modules, each developed around a PowerPoint presentation.

CA-036-RESP is approved by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. It is eligible for POST CPT credit under ccn 1212-20172-07.

Module 1

  • provides source information, focusing on statistics, history, and science
  • introduces the concept of sheltering in place for panflu

Module 2

  • includes planning assumptions identified in the Implementation Plan for the National Strategy for Pandemic Influenza, May 2006
  • provides specifics on sheltering in place and supplies to have on hand for 7–10 days
  • identifies ways to plan for difficult situations

Module 3

  • addresses NIMS, SEMS, and ICS
  • expands information on actions that would likely take place in the event of a pandemic
  • offers tips on treating colds and flu and when to seek medical help
  • discusses personal protective equipment (PPE) and standard precautions
  • provides a case definition of avian flu and PPE

Train the Trainer (T/T) Course

The Train the Trainer is a two-day course, which can be held as day two of the Awareness Course or can stand alone for trainers only. Because the participants will be trainers, they each receive, in addition to the Participant Guide, an Instructor Manual, which comes in a tabbed binder and includes a CD.

Participant Guide

Participant Guide

All participants receive a Participant Guide that provides the content needed, including thumbnails and text from the PowerPoint presentations, which form the basis of this course. It also includes the checklists, fact sheets, and important references and resources. It will be a valuable piece for participants to keep for reference.

Now with Fall 2009 H1N1 (swine flu) materials.

Instructor Manual

Instructor Manual

Each Instructor Manual contains the three PowerPoint presentations, which are the basis of the Awareness Course. Because they are on CD, the PowerPoints can be customized to meet the needs of specific audiences. The Instructor Manual also contains notes pages, which provide essential information to accompany each slide; tips for delivering presentations; checklists based on CDC recommendations; fact sheets; and instructor materials, such as pre/posttests, references, and resources.

Now with Fall 2009 H1N1 (swine flu) materials.

Pandemic Preparedness Awareness Course����

Pandemic Preparedness Awareness Course CA‑036‑RESP

Two ways to register:

Either download the Registration Form (PDF Document), and fax it to us at (831) 462-1129. Or Register Online for Course.

For training dates and more information, please visit Training Calendar.


One-Day Awareness Course (includes Participant Guide): $199

Two-Day Train the Trainer (includes Instructor Manual and one Participant Guide, eligibility to purchase Participant Guides as needed for future trainings, and license to duplicate materials)

  • Sworn CA Peace Officer: $385
  • Hosted by ToucanEd: $450
  • Hosted by entity other than ToucanEd: $385

Participant Guide (available only to T/T graduates): $24.95 each

The following funds may be used for the Course: SHSGP, UASI, LETPP, MMRS, CCP, PSGP, and TSGP. Review all eligible funding sources for the Pandemic Preparedness Awareness Course.

Now Available! Half-day Pandemic Ready training for businesses, organizations and others.

If you are interested in hosting or attending a training, please call ToucanEd toll-free (888) 386-8226 or e-mail us at

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