ToucanEd is fortunate to have loyal clients we have served for years, and we have the pleasure of gaining wonderful new clients each year as well. Thank you so much to all of you. We appreciate the opportunity to develop your custom materials, provide you with training and consultation, and serve you at every stage of the production process. We're grateful that you come to us to order your products, ours, and those we distribute. Here are some of your testimonials, with links to more information about you or the work we performed.

ToucanEd has been an active member of the Santa Cruz County CERT Council for many years. The staff is excellent, very helpful and easy to work with. The customized CERT Guides are professional and well received by students and instructors alike. We would not be as successful as we have been without them. We appreciate the contribution this small business makes to our community.

Mike Conrad
Division Chief—EMS/Operations
Aptos/La Selva Fire District

More Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) information.

Toucan Ed has been very supportive of the Santa Cruz County CERT council and local programs. Service from the staff has been exceptional when I have ordered supplies for my CERT classes. The production of the new CERT training materials were timely and coincided with the new training updates in the program. I have already used them in my training program and the quality is outstanding.

Mike DeMars
Fire Inspector
Central Fire Protection
District of Santa Cruz County

More Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) information.

I am continually impressed by ToucanEd’s creativity and high quality of work. Furthermore, they understand the complexities of working with a government agency. No matter the challenge, they have always amazed me with their commitment to excellence.

Peter Wright
Director of Emergency Planning and Preparedness,
California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office

The California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office Project.

We have worked with the team at ToucanEd on some of our most critical emergency preparedness projects. the ToucanEd team did an outstanding job of not only creating a user-friendly, customizable tool, but added their expertise in developing train-the-trainer materials which ultimately enhanced the usefulness of the final product. We love working with ToucanEd and consider them to be one of our most valued partners in improving the health and well-being of the diverse communities served by our member clinics and health centers.

Val Sheehan, MPH
Associate Director, Emergency Management,
California Primary Care Association

The California Primary Care Association project.

When we needed experts to professionalize, promote, and distribute the standards-based >Please Stand Up antiviolence curriculum we developed, we turned to ToucanEd. Their proven experience educating communities and schools and their belief in the efficacy and importance of our curriculum assure us they are committed to presenting it to schools and communities. We are confident that more students across our country will soon benefit from these lessons on conflict, bullying, hate, relationship problems, suicide, gangs and weapons. Thank you, ToucanEd.

Dr. Felicia A. Watson,
Director of the New York 21st Century Community Learning Centers Statewide Technical Assistance Center and Producer, Please Stand Up

See Bully Prevention Materials.

The core content curriculum of the one-day Pandemic Preparedness Awareness Course developed by the Department of Health Services and ToucanEd is a thorough, informative awareness-level training on pandemic influenza. Along with the California Department of Health Services, we have made this course eligible for the use of U.S. Department of Homeland Security (D.H.S.) Office of Grants and Training funds. We have found the Department of Health Services and ToucanEd to be committed to developing and providing quality education and training materials to advance emergency preparation for all segments, and we look forward to a continued relationship.

CSM Alex Cabassa (USA/Ret)-State Training Officer
California Emergency Management Agency-Homeland Security
Training and Exercise Division

Information about Pandemic Preparedness trainings.

...thank you for the great job you did at our Pandemic Flu training sessions. Your program was one of the best that I have attended in my 39 years in the Fire & EMS Services. We are very much looking forward to a continuing relationship with your organization. Please feel free to use myself or Chief Meuser as a reference anytime. Again our thanks and best wishes for continued success.

Assistant Chief Frank J. Chester EMT-CC
Nassau County EMS Academy
East Meadow, NY, 11554

Information about Pandemic Preparedness courses.

Kathleen Middleton has been a consultant on the Health Education Assessment Project (HEAP) since 1995. She and the entire staff at ToucanEd are deeply committed to the mission of the HEAP and the vision of improving student health literacy. They have worked with the project to create world class professional development materials. Currently ToucanEd serves as the publisher and distributor of the assessment products and our members know they can count on ToucanEd to provide them with the personalized service they need.

Nancy Hudson, Coordinator
HEAP Project, Council of Chief State School Officers

The Health Education Assessment Project (HEAP).

Dear Kathleen,

I am writing this letter to show my appreciation for the great work that you and your staff have accomplished for the Ammonia Safety & Training Institute. You consistently get to the bottom line for what we are trying to accomplish with our need for training materials. Once you see our vision you and your staff use great technical and creative skills to make the vision turn into a reality. We have had tremendous success using the workbooks, posters, 30 Minute Plans, and most recently the “One Plan Emergency Response Cards” to help accomplish our training mission for making ammonia the safest managed hazardous material in the world.

Once the materials are produced your marketing and production staff takes over. They are very helpful and ALWAYS work hard to meet our needs. From their friendly greeting to the delivery of our product requests in a timely and cost effective way, your staff is great. I really appreciate their honesty and sincere effort to make decisions that help the customer first and foremost.

Thanks again for our great five years of working together!

Gary W. Smith
President, Ammonia Safety and Training Institute

Ammonia Safety and Training Institute (ASTI) products.

Aptos/La Selva Fire has coordinated our Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) for many years, and provides leadership for the Santa Cruz County CERT Council. Today, agencies throughout the county, including fire, law enforcement, public health and schools, are actively involved in the CERT effort. Last year ToucanEd became an active member of the Santa Cruz County CERT Council, immediately partnering with the community and demonstrating a true understanding of the essence of CERT. They have developed materials for our county that can be customized for any CERT team, and we are proud that there are CERTs throughout the United States already using them. ToucanEd has not only professionalized our materials, but shown a dedication to helping CERT programs everywhere get the word out to their communities.

Jeff Terpstra
Operations Chief
Aptos/La Selva Fire Protection District
Santa Cruz County CERT Council Chairperson

Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) information.

Dear ToucanEd,

The pleasure was all mine. The team you work with and for is wonderful. ToucanEd is very professional. It was a great way to work during a big project like this. The project is complete and components are approved.

Liz Gallucci
Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board

See more School Health projects.

As a classroom teacher and an active member of the Health Education Assessment Project I have worked with Kathleen Middleton and her staff at ToucanEd for seven years and know them to be good people devoted to developing meaningful resources to be used in our schools and classrooms.

South Dakota K-12 Health Educator of the Year for 2006-2007

Rhonda Kemmis
Teacher, Memorial Middle School
Sioux Falls, South Dakota

The Health Education Assessment Project (HEAP).

Great information! This is how to show students are learning health literacy. It is hands-on and immediately useful in our work! The concepts and skills rubrics are awesome. Extremely valuable! Thank you!

HEAP Assessment Training

The Health Education Assessment Project (HEAP).

Thank you for the quality training you provided. Most trainings offer a program or curriculum that will provide units of classroom instruction, but this experience will affect all of teaching for participants-a much more meaningful outcome. I look forward to offering this [training] again next fall.

HEAP Assessment Training

The Health Education Assessment Project (HEAP).

Kathleen Middleton, MS, CHES, is an experienced health educator who understands the crucial needs and goals of public health. She and the staff at ToucanEd are highly professional and are an important resource to the Society for Public Health Education (SOPHE). We have relied on ToucanEd's creative design, layout, and file preparation services for more than ten years to create outstanding programs for our annual and midyear meetings. We are thrilled to work with ToucanEd's health educators in addressing our needs for health education.

Elaine Auld, MPH, CHES
Executive Director

Public Health information.

As the leader of a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), I know how critical it is to be prepared—and practice—for disasters. ToucanEd’s recent emergency drill, complete with “go packs” for every person on staff, demonstrates that ToucanEd doesn’t just give lip-service to valuing staff safety, it practices what it preaches.

Pamela King
Senior Editor, ToucanEd

Emergency Preparedness information.

In 2006 ToucanEd provided design, edit and print supervision services to the Santa Cruz County Legal History Project. ToucanEd's team of talented professionals enabled us to turn our eight years of research and writing into an attractive, readable, and engaging book, A Legal History of Santa Cruz County, which chronicles the social and legal history of our County from the mid-1800s to the present. We greatly appreciate ToucanEd's excellent assistance in creating a quality product in a timely and economic manner, and highly recommend the firm.

Sara Clarenbach, Esq.
Newman, Marcus & Clarenbach, LLP
Contributing Author, A Legal History of Santa Cruz County

Information about our Custom Services.

Over the last three years, I have had the opportunity to work with ToucanEd on a variety of projects for the University of California. They have provided professional and excellent customer service, stellar ideas, and appropriate responses to publication design and production projects. ToucanEd consistently provides a superior customer focus throughout the project while relying on ingenuity, nimbleness, and teamwork in meeting the unique needs of the market, the product, and their customer. I look forward to the next time I have the opportunity to work with their team!

Julie Forbes
Development Consultant and Coach

I was both proud and pleased to receive my copy of the book. Your work as publisher is outstanding, valued, and amazing. You and your team truly worked miracles to make the book much more than I had anticipated.

Dr. Joanna R. Jones
Gifted and Talented Program
Special Services

ToucanEd produces some of the BEST materials on Health Education topics. I would highly recommend the materials on violence/bullying (Please Stand Up! A Violence Prevention Curriculum). This company is on the cutting-edge with everything that is happening in the world of education.

Dr. Darrell Lang
Health and Physical Education
HIV/AIDS and Human Sexuality Consultant
Kansas State Department of Education

ToucanEd is one of my favorite publishers for emergency preparedness items. From their wide range of CERT materials to their pandemic preparedness resources, I find that their information is up-to-date and presented in a way that is always eye-catching to the end user. Their attention to detail in their materials, as well as friendly and prompt customer service, keep them on my short list of favorite vendors.

Anna Lee Cave
Emergency Preparedness Coordinator
City of Brea

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