Pandemic Flu Toolkit for Early/Child Care Providers and Families

Pandemic Flu Toolkit for Early/Child Care Providers and Families

ToucanEd worked with the Emergency Preparedness and Response Program of Los Angeles County’s Department of Public Health to develop this toolkit in English and Spanish. It contains simple and practical ways to educate and prepare child and early care providers in Los Angeles County for pandemic influenza, seasonal flu, and other emergencies.

In addition to ToucanEd’s experienced development staff; whose services included collaboration on original content, developmental editing, original illustrations, art, design, layout, and manufacturing of the binders and materials in English and Spanish; ToucanEd also engaged the services of professional evaluation experts Susan Russell and Jill English. They and the Los Angeles Department of Public Health Internal Review Team ensured the efficacy and relevance of the content.

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This page was last updated on July 24, 2017.

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