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Radiation Safety and Protection Program Toolkit

Radiation Safety and Protection Program Toolkit - $39.95

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Radiation Safety and Protection Program Toolkit

Train employees in radiation safety and protection. The Radiation Safety and Protection Program Toolkit provides a complete training program for businesses and facilities with onsite cabinet X-ray systems. It has all the tools needed to develop and administer a radiation safety and protection program that meets federal regulations and complies with California regulations.

The toolkit has two main sections. The first addresses the business owner/facility administrator’s responsibilities, provides the regulatory background for these requirements, and offers practical tips for meeting those responsibilities. The second section addresses operator training and offers tools for helping to ensure that operators of cabinet X-ray systems have the knowledge and skills they need to run these machines safely and effectively.

The complete toolkit includes:

+ View larger image of binder and CD’s.

  • one (1) 1" binder containing the Cabinet X-Ray Systems for business owner/facility administrator
  • one (1) Operator Training booklet with PowerPoint training resources
  • two (2) CDs
    • Resource CD with printable materials, pre and post test and key, and templates
    • Operator Training CD with PowerPoint training

Items Sold Separately

If you are a court system, you may also be interested in the Radiation Safety Kit for Courts.

Radiation Safety and Protection Program Toolkit for the Judicial Branch

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