Learning Curves® A Curriculum on Backpack Safety, Spinal Health, Proper Posture, and Scoliosis Screening

Learning Curves

Learning Curves® is an instructor-friendly curriculum designed to teach students, grades 3–5, about maintaining a healthy spine.

Since 2004, ToucanEd has provided a variety of developmental services including curriculum development, editing, original art, design, layout, manufacturing, and fulfillment to Holland Chiropractic Center.

At that time, the Maine-based chiropractic center envisioned a new program, Learning Curves®, to be an instructor-friendly curriculum, designed for chiropractors to teach students, grades 3–5, about maintaining a healthy spine.

ToucanEd has produced Learning Curves’® curriculum manuals, CDs, color brochures, and scoliosis screening forms, which now provide chiropractors throughout the country an opportunity to become further involved in their local schools and communities.

ToucanEd provided full developmental services including curriculum writing, editing, art, design, layout, and manufacturing to the Orgeon Partnership Methamphetamine Awareness Project: Youth Voices/Youth Choices (YVYC), a school- and community-based drug prevention program for 13- to 17-year-olds.

Other Custom-Developed Projects by ToucanEd


Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB) elementary alcohol awareness program.


Web-based physical activity curriculum

Fairfax County Public Schools

Multi-level health education curriculum for Fairfax County Public Schools

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