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CERT Basic Training Materials

Instructor Guide Contents: $44.95

Participant Manuals: $22.95

Participant Manuals Quantity Pricing:
  50–99: $20.50 each
  100 or more: $19.95 each

2 DVD Set: $14.95

How to purchase

To place your secure order online, select the Add to Shopping Cart button, to order by phone, call (888) 386-8226, e-mail us at , or visit our Order Information page for additional information.

You can also download the order form, fill it out and fax it to (831) 462-1129.

Call (888) 386-8226 for bulk order pricing.

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CERT Basic Training Materials

We are a FEMA vendor

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) recognizes the importance of preparing citizens. The Emergency Management Institute (EMI) and the National Fire Academy adopted and expanded the CERT materials believing them applicable to all hazards.

Using the official FEMA files, ToucanEd has organized the new CERT Basic Training materials into binders and CDs that are ready to go. We will put your CERT team name on the covers at no cost.

Instructor Guide

Instructor Guide Contents ($44.95)

Also available in Spanish.

  • 2-inch binder with tabs
  • Customized color cover for your CERT team
  • 9 Training Units with PowerPoint slides
  • Includes Teen CERT Annex

1 CD containing the following:

  • Instructor Guide with 9 Training Units
    (PDF format)
  • 8 Training Unit PowerPoints
  • Participant Manual with 8 Training Units
    (PDF format)

2 CERT Posters (non-laminated):

Disaster Posters

Disasters Posters are also available in Spanish.

Not all poster are shown. Click to view all posters.

You can purchase posters separately here.

Participant Manual

Participant Manual Contents ($22.95)

Also available in Spanish.

  • 1.5-inch binder with tabs
  • Customized color cover for your CERT team
  • 8 Training Units

1 CERT Poster (non-laminated):

Quantity Pricing on Participant Manuals:

  • 50–99 for $20.50 each
  • 100 or more for $19.95 each

CERT Training DVDs

CERT Training Videos ($14.95)

(2 DVD Set Sold Separately)

See CERT Training Videos trailer.

    CERT Training Videos DVD 1

  • CERT Training: Disaster Psychology (43:18)
  • CERT Training: Safety in the After-Disaster Environment (31:46)
  • CERT Triage: Handling Mass Casualty Situations (22:22)
  • Fire Safety: The CERT Member’s Role (18:25)

    CERT Training Videos DVD 2

  • CERT Training: CERT in Action (19:33)
  • Demonstrating Victim Carries (6:30)
  • Demonstrating Head-to-Toe Assessment (5:45)
  • Coaching Hands-On Practice—Victim Extrication (4:27)

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