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Teen CERT Resource Kit
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Teen CERT Resource Kit–$29.95

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Teen CERT Resource Kit

The purpose of the Teen CERT Resource Kit is to provide an organized component needed to coordinate a Teen CERT Program. All the official Annexes from the FEMA site are provided in both a print and digital format. The binder includes printed copies of the Annexes along with a divider tab. A CD includes the digital files.

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  • Two recruitment posters are provided in the binder. The digital files are on the CD.
  • Six full color brochures that describe Teen CERT are found in the binder. The digital files are on the CD.
  • A Teen CERT recruiting PSA is also found on the CD.
  • A Teen CERT recruitment DVD created by Global Community Colleges Inc. is included.
  • Together these materials provide the foundation for building and coordinating a Teen CERT Program in your area.

Teen CERT: Launching and Maintaining the Training

This Guide is intended for use by any individual wanting to initiate Teen CERT training in his or her local high school, but will likely not be an instructor.

CERT Basic Training Instructor Guide: Teen CERT Annex

This annex to the CERT Basic Training Instructor Guide is designed to help qualified CERT instructors teach the course to teenagers.

CERT Train-the-Trainer Annex for Teen CERT: Instructor Guide

This module is designed for new or existing CERT trainers who are interested in learning how to present the CERT Basic Training to teenagers.

CERT Train-the-Trainer Annex for Teen CERT: Participant Manual

This module is designed for the Participant of the CERT Train-the-Trainer.

Teen CERT Recruiting DVD

This DVD, developed by Global Community College, Inc. is used for recruiting teens to join Teen CERT and to share with them how valuable their help can be in emergency situations.

Teen CERT Resource CD

The Teen CERT Resource CD contains print files for the Teen CERT brochure, and poster along with all of the Teen CERT Annexes, PowerPoint, and Teen CERT recruiting PSA.

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